Years of scientific excellence have yielded strong pillars for BioIncept®’s development of commercial product candidates, translating from maternal immunity to potential therapeutic breakthrough

Discovery of the first characterized embryo-secreted enabler of and biomarker for viable pregnancy 

  • Mammalian embryos secrete PreImplantation Factor (PIF) 
  • PIF plays a key role in the implantation and development of the embryo
  • Embryos that do not secrete PIF do not implant

Study of the altered immune state during pregnancy

  • Modulation of immunity and inflammation
  • Induction of embryonal differentiation and growth
  • Neuronal development and protection

Translation into a commercially attractive and execution-ready development pipeline

  • Invaluable direction and research contributions of world-leading domain experts
  • Synthetic analogue (sPIF) and formulated drug product developed
  • Manufacturing and stability established under cGMP (current good manufacturing practices)
  • Phase 1 study in an auto-immune disorder successfully completed
  • Promising preclinical efficacy in various valuable disease targets
  • NIH funding for ongoing long-term toxicology studies as prelude to phase 1b/2 clinical trials
  • Collaborations with renowned academic institutions in US, Europe and other geographies
  • Significant US government grants and angel financing secured