Who We Are

It has long been observed that certain clinical conditions improve during pregnancy, a period during which the maternal immune system undergoes an altered state, providing a non-immunogenic environment for the fetus that enables implantation, differentiation and growth. 

At BioIncept®, we are leveraging our proprietary research and understanding of the molecular drivers of the altered maternal immune state to develop products for patients in need.

Founded as a research organization

  • understanding altered maternal immunity
  • distinguished network of research collaborators
  • explored breadth of how PreImplantation Factor (PIF) could help patients in need
  • robust global patent estate developed
  • first-in-human phase 1 clinical safety study successfully completed at University of Miami, Schiff Liver Center

Today, a clinical-stage company based in New York developing regenerative therapeutics that meet commercial criteria, e.g.:

  • proof-of-concept established or possible near-term
  • commercial market need for innovation
  • clear development path
  • corporate development impact

We were awarded orphan drug designations including in prevention of graft-vs-host disease and acute radiation syndrome; both programs are supported by the US government attracting non-dilutive funding of more than US$ 10 million across various grants.

Bioincept Transplant Focus