BioIncept Coronavirus PreImplantation Factor sPIF
Synthetic PreImplantation Factor (sPIF):

Drive Cellular Repair
and Restore Damaged Tissue
in Covid-19 Patients

PreImplantation Factor (PIF)
Synthetic PreImplantation Factor (sPIF):

A Paradigm Shift In
Regenerative Medicine

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PreImplantation Factor (PIF):

A Key to Reproduction

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Synthetic PreImplantation Factor (sPIF):

The Promise of Life-Saving

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Synthetic PreImplantation Factor (sPIF):

A Proprietary Platform

PreImplantation Factor (PIF):

A Global Research Network

BioIncept is a Pioneer in Tissue Regeneration and cellular repair

  • We have shown to regulate and stimulate self-renewal of damaged tissue across body systems, without the common challenges afflicted with cellular therapies
  • Key platform highlights include, amongst others, neuronal re-myelination (multiple sclerosis models, Nature); restoration of gastro-intestinal crypt architecture (radiation injury models, Oncotarget); reversal of muscle fibrosis (Duchenne muscular dystrophy models, Cell Death & Disease)
  • The ability to therapeutically recover and restore health of diseased tissue presents significant opportunities in regenerative therapeutics
  • Our team is hand-picked from seasoned veterans across the drug development value chain

Long Covid is an emerging global health crisis that “may turn out to be one of the largest mass disabling events in modern history” (NY Times)

  • 120 million patients diagnosed positive with Covid-19 per Q1-2021, of which 30 million in the US
  • ~2% have died
  • ~30% of survivors will have Long Covid with varying degrees of reduced function (JAMA) – potentially life-long – representing the emergence of a new chronic disease
  • The market for effective therapeutic solutions is nascent and few if any therapies directly address or enable return-to-function across body systems

We are preparing for a Phase 1b Clinical Study at a leading US medical center to evaluate our lead candidate in patients with Long Covid

  • Our lead product candidate is uniquely positioned to become a solution for patients on the back of in-vivo proof-of-concept data
  • We have shown proof-of-concept in animal models of several pathologies afflicted with Long Covid
  • Positive study results may be transformative for Long Covid and confirm our strategic platform potential in other disease areas