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About BioIncept, LLC

BioIncept, founded in 2001, is a clinical-stage privately held company committed to the development of transformative therapeutic and diagnostic products based on the discovery of the PreImplantation Factor (PIF).

Naturally occurring in mammalian embryos, PIF has broad regulatory implications in pregnancy, immunity, inflammation and transplant. Synthetic human-grade PIF was developed to translate the PIF effect for intended use in clinical trials.  As a result of extensive preclinical research conducted at leading academic institutions and centers of excellence, the Barnea Research Group — a worldwide network of PIF researchers — actively publishes PIF findings in peer-reviewed journals.

BioIncept pursues and prioritizes a range of clinical protocols in the areas of autoimmunity, neuro-regeneration, transplantation, oncology and pregnancy.  The company is assembling its Scientific Advisory Board comprised of key opinion leaders from across the PIF platform of disciplines.

In a First-in-Human (FIH) university-sponsored clinical trial, BioIncept currently evaluates PIF in an orphan autoimmune disease (NCT02239562). This trial was granted FAST-TRACK designation by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). University-sponsored PIF Phase II clinical trials are planned for 2017. BioIncept is exploring additional clinical protocols within representative immune, inflammatory and transplant disorders.

With a top-tier management team, a global network of scientific collaborators and a robust intellectual property portfolio/patent estate, BioIncept is well positioned to achieve its mission of delivering on the promise of PIF for patients with significant unmet medical needs.

BioIncept, LLC founded in 2001